Maple sap sounds on our live stream

EDIT 3/17/21: It’s been cold again here and the sap has temporarily slowed/stopped. Also, we’ve been noticing more bird activity in the trees a little bit behind this tree. So we’ve moved the streambox back there for the time being. The best time to listen is probably early in the morning our time, EST in the US (recently UTC-4 instead of UTC-5, thanks to the antiquated foolishness called Daylight Savings Time).

The sounds of running maple sap are now on our live stream on the Locus Sonus soundmap.

The sap is running in New England and beyond, and is harvested through the late winter/spring to be boiled down into the gold of the north, maple syrup. You’ll also hear locals like black-capped chickadee, tufted titmouse, and downy woodpecker.

We connected a pair of LOM Uši Pro and stuck them under the lid with magnetic clips, then ran them into our SoundcampStreambox.(More information on the Streambox, including how you can make one yourself, is here.)

Video by orangecookie