Listen to Ears In Space HQ: live stream on Locus Sonus

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Cardinal at a bird feeder

Tune into the Ears In Space live feed, hosted by Locus Sonus! Right now in early March, spring is just starting to show some early signs, and we are getting a growing number of bird sounds including cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers (downy, red-bellied, and pileated), black-capped chickadees (the state bird), tufted titmice, and dark-eyed juncos.

Click here to go to the Locustream page, where you can click on the world map and then zoom in on Massachusetts, USA and click on the microphone icon. (We’re just a few miles to the right of our friends at Wave Farm.) Or just go directly to the stream.

Special shout out to SoundCamp/SoundTent / Grant Smith in London for helping us put together our listening device, the StreamBox.

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